Optimizing Google My Business: Address, Service Area, and Hours

Hey there again, everybody it’s Nate with Stellar Blue Technologies, and today we’re going to continue our deep dive into Google My Business profiles looking specifically today at the address, the service area and the hours section of our GMB profile. Again, three sections that on the face don’t seem to be all that difficult, but Google My Business has a specific way that they recommend having these set up. So looking at the address portion, this section is not necessarily a question of if I have a physical location and where is that physical location located? It’s more of a, where do I service my customers?

A great example here is if you have a retail location, or if you have a location where customers are coming to a physical location and you’re providing your services there, then yes, the answer is yes, you should have your address in your Google My Business profile. On the flip side, if you’re a local services provider like a plumber that goes to the customer’s houses and performs their services away from their physical location, then Google actually recommends not including the address of your business on your GMB profile.

You’re then considered a service area type business and this section here actually becomes a bit more important. So the services area or the service areas, you have up to 20 places that you can define your service area. Up until last year, you were able to actually create a, a mile radius around a specific location Google updated that. So you can no longer do that. So you have to define specifically your service area in up to 20 different locations. So whether that location is United States, whether it’s specific States, whether it’s specific counties, or if it’s specific municipalities, if you’re living in a larger Metro area. Those 20 areas when selected will really define where and when your GMB profile or when your businesses are included in those Google searches and Google maps searches. The hour section, again, really kind of a self-explanatory section here when you think about it.

Again, Google is really looking for you to provide as much information as possible about the hours that you’re open. So yes, you are going to have your, your normal hours Sunday through Saturday, but down in this section here where it says “more hours,” if I click in here, you could see that I can define hours specifically for if I’m a restaurant, I can do brunch, if I have a delivery driver for dinner only, I can define specific times that we have delivery open the same for happy hours or different things like that. Whereas in the special hours section, this section is really more tailored to hours for physical locations on Holidays. So as you can see, you have Veteran’s Day, you have Thanksgiving, you have Christmas day and new year’s Eve.

So defining the hours that you are open on those specific days keeps Google as updated as possible with your hours of operation. The more that you can stay updated or the more that you can have your profile updated, the more Google will look favorably upon your business. Okay, well, that’s it for today, folks. If you have any questions, again, feel free to reach out to us directly. Our website, StellarBlueTechnologies.com and fill out a form. We’ll have somebody give you a call. If you liked the video feel free to hit the thumbs up button and subscribe to our channel for more content. We’ll look forward to seeing you. Thanks guys.


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