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We take the complication out of website programming. Most people look at website programming as being a complicated thing, but most of it is just common logic. Our programmers will develop your business tools to match your exact needs while keeping you informed through our advanced project management system. Our team can also complete custom integration with endless third-party services, such as Google Maps, Constant Contact, Salesforce, etc.


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With Stellar Blue programming, custom websites are built easy, fast, and just the way you want them! Get your custom website to go through programming excellence!


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Manage content for your website with themes, templates, and thousands of tools and plugins optimized for desktop and mobile devices with a website built through WordPress!


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Programming may be complicated, but running your website should be simple. Our team offers online trainings on how to manage your website design and content with ease!


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Make your website responsive, interactive, and easy-to-use for users and visitors with integrated website applications and tools, including messaging, maps, forms, search bars, active compliance, and more!


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Organize your online business with company directories, communication applications, e-commerce platforms, and more operating systems with a company intranet built through programming.



Website robots are used to crawl your website and communicate with search engines to promote traffic and prevent incorrect requests and overloading, keeping your website accessible and safe.


Mile of Music

Earth Sense

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Ensuring your systems and software run smoothly.

We utilize the cutting edge of programming standards, including:

  • Custom WordPress Integrations
  • Custom Database Programming
  • Object-Orientated Application Programming
  • Advanced Javascript Development
  • Latest PHP 7 Language
  • Jquery, XML, XSLT, MySQL, MSSQL, Filemaker

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Learn how our team can help make your website stellar!

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Mile of Music



Mile of Music, presented by Fox Communities Credit Union, is a huge staple of the Fox Valley area in Appleton. Running since 2013, Mile of Music has entertained the community each year with a mile-long stretch of Downtown Appleton filled with original music performances for four days straight. That includes hundreds of incredible shows to enjoy, populated with homegrown talent from the area! Additionally, Mile of Music is always free to attend for all! Make sure to attend the next Mile when it comes around every summer!


In addition to being a sponsor of the event, Stellar Blue helps maintain the Mile of Music website as an immersive experience. Our programming team keeps it up and running with fast load times and secure connections for easy, accessible, and informative visits. That includes custom coded connections that allow the Mile organizers to load in all of the information relating to their event, day-by-day, such as performers, shows, venues, and more.

In addition to our custom website build for Mile of Music with functionality for event schedules and updates, the programming expertise provided by Stellar Blue Technologies has debuted ‘My Mile’, a user profile that allows attendees of each Mile to:

  • ‘Favorite’ artists for easy access to artists pages, chosen songs, and show schedules
  • ‘Favorite’ shows, compiling them into a custom calendar for your personal ‘Mile’ experience
  • View past ‘Favorites’ from previous years of Mile of Music
  • Share your schedule to various social media platforms

The newest programming additions for Mile of Music include:

  • ‘Workshops’ that offer music education to attendees
  • The ‘Shows Near Me’ features that uses your mobile location and time to recommend nearby shows and events
  • The online Mile Store for Mile of Music merchandise with new updates for each new Mile

Additional Projects for this Client


Earth Sense Energy Systems is based out of Dale, Wisconsin, and is the largest retailer of pellet-burning stoves, grills, and additional products in the entire USA. Earth Sense has been dedicated to the sales, service, and installation of energy-efficient and high-quality products, parts, and accessories since 1991.


Stellar Blue Technologies has helped Earth Sense streamline the e-commerce experience for their new and existing customer base, as well as providing Earth Sense with a completely new website redesign as part of a rebranding campaign.

A highlight of work from our programming team that’s featured on the Earth Sense website redesign is an interactive dealer location map that helps to direct customers to a nearby dealer in their area if the product they wish to purchase cannot be delivered by mail or is currently out of stock.

Additional Projects for this Client:
  • Marketing
  • Website Design & Development



Neenah Foundry belongs to Neenah Enterprises, Inc., which is one of the world’s leading manufacturers in the municipal and industrial sectors. Proudly proclaiming its products as ‘Made In The USA’, Neenah Foundry has been providing castings, grates, plates, manhole covers, and more, to cities and companies around the world since 1872.


One new highlight of the Neenah Foundry website that the programming division of Stellar Blue has recently built is that of the Careers Plugin. This new feature creates a far more dynamic-looking yet also easy-to-use page for parties interested in applying for open positions on the Neenah Foundry team.

Using the Careers Plugin feature, job seekers can search open positions by job title, skills, keywords, and location. Additionally, all jobs are still featured below the plugin module that allows visitors to simply scroll through all available positions one-by-one as a secondary option.

Once a job is selected, each listing will provide information on the location, work hours, requirements, and many more attributes, providing a high level of detail on the position for those interested in the field. Furthermore, a job summary is also included to shortly explain the general responsibilities of the position. From here, if a visitor meets the requirements and wishes to proceed, they may click the ‘Apply Now’ button to easily submit their application.

A highlight of work from our programming team that’s featured on the Earth Sense website redesign is an interactive dealer location map that helps to direct customers to a nearby dealer in their area if the product they wish to purchase cannot be delivered by mail or is currently out of stock.

Additional Projects for this Client:
  • Marketing
  • Multimedia: Video


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2. What attracted you to want to work at Stellar Blue?

The flexibility with my schedule and the ability to work from home in my PJs!

3. How is Stellar Blue’s culture achieved working remotely?

The ability to chat a co-worker and set up meetings throughout the day allows for you to connect with other team members easily and efficiently. 

4. When have you witnessed Stellar Blue’s mission/values in action?

In meetings with clients we provide complete transparency and honesty with them in what we know is the best solution is for their business.