2020 Virtual Event Planning Guide

After 2020 we may never want to hear the word “virtual” again, but unfortunately it won’t be going anywhere in 2021. Businesses, organizations, and non-profits will continue to battle how to continue to bring in revenue in ways they have never once had to do. Virtual events will still be the main focus as we head into 2021. Is your organization or business prepared for what that might look like? Download our Virtual Event Checklist to make sure you cross all the details off your list.

If your non-profit organization is used to putting on a large fundraising event or gala, you may need to think of ways that you can turn that event into a virtual event.

What Are Virtual Events?

In the world of technology, especially following 2020, the virtual world has become front and center. Virtual events are transforming board rooms, offices, and living rooms. Virtual events can take the form of concerts, conferences, fundraising opportunities, product launches and more. All you need is a mobile or laptop device, internet connection, and you have an event at your fingertips.

Why Host A Virtual Event?

From the past year, the biggest WHY for virtual events is clearly for the health and safety of others. But, virtual events can have other reasons for being hosted than an in-person option. For some the ability to attend an in-person event is just not an option with possible travel, expenses to attend, or other accessibility conflict. This allows a virtual event to be a better outcome for attendees. Many times an organization or business is looking to cut expenses from a budget. By not having to rent a large banquet facility or rely on large amounts of staff and/or volunteer support, a virtual event can cut back on the money needed to host and instead offer a large profit.

Types of Events

Live streaming on YouTube continues to be a popular option, yet you can continue to think outside the box.

  • Host a running or walking event? Tape the usual course to allow attendees to still feel like they are in the action
  • Bring in a guest-speaker? Welcome them on a virtual platform and focus on ticket sales and potentially auction or raffle items. You will reduce your cost without needing a large banquet space to host everyone.
  • Create a video series to share about your organization and push those out everywhere you can. Get new people interested in your organization that may have never even heard of it.
  • Prioritize your website. Make sure everything is up to date and push your information from there. It will always be your best solution because you can control the content on your site.

Your events don’t always have to be big productions. Get yourself comfortable in front of the camera and share your story. Customers, more than ever before, want to learn about YOU and your business. Small businesses can utilize Facebook Live options to show customers their product and inside their business. It is okay for the feel to be raw and authentic, that’s what customers are wanting nowadays. This biggest thing is to make sure you have a plan: know what you want the outcome of your event or video to be, have talking points aligned to our goals, and have a backup plan for if technology goes… well haywire!

How Do You Host A Virtual Event

An online event can take as much time and effort to plan as an in-person event. When it comes to a large fundraising event, an organization or business is still going to need to assign tasks, have a team in place to implement, and have a plan. For most small businesses or non-profit organizations, hosting an online event will consist of Facebook or YouTube. Budgets are limited and these organizations generally do not have the funds to pay for larger services. Using social media outlets is a perfect option and allows a lot of control over the event while saving the budget.

How Do You Measure Success?

Every virtual event still needs to have goals associated with it. What is the purpose of hosting an event, especially one online.

  • Are you looking to sell your product or service?
  • Are you looking to share about your business or organization?
  • Do you want people to see inside or behind the scenes of your business?

Not all virtual events have to generate revenue. Businesses in 2020 know now exactly what it is like to have to be forced to close their doors. So, why not invite people in – virtually! Show off your product, bring them into your building or store, show them areas they may never get to experience in person.

Tips To Start Virtual Event Planning

Virtual Event Promotion

What To Do After Your Virtual Event


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