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Can You Handle In-house Multimedia Development Yourself?

posted on July 12, 2019
Marketing Multimedia

When most people think about creating a video for use for their business, they think of the traditional videography method – a standard camera recording from a tripod or resting on the shoulder of a cameraman capturing footage as they steadily stroll about the room. But there is so much more to think about. Questions like — Should we be using more video in our marketing efforts, or can we ‘get by’ without it? What equipment are we going to need? Can we afford to hire someone to do our video work, or would we be better off contracting with a digital marketing agency like Stellar Blue Technologies?

Whether you want to hire out your video content or create an in-house department, the multimedia arm of Stellar Blue Technologies is here to help. In-house production gives you full creative control over the content you produce, but you’ll have to look at equipment costs and either find a current employee to take on the role or hire someone new. Third-party agencies eat the upfront equipment costs and already have talented experts working for them, but generally work with extended production time frames due to the balancing act associated with working for multiple clients at once.

When thinking about how you want to communicate your message, it’s all about the story you’re trying to tell. You really need to think about your unique story and determine if video is the best vehicle for you to use to spread the word. Once you’ve decided that you want to start creating brand content by using video, the challenge of determining how must be tackled. There is a multitude of equipment and style options available out there.

Drones are a great way to accent the rest of your video or make standalone drone videos to highlight things you couldn’t with traditional cameras. Drones can be deployed to highlight exterior and interior shots and allow you to get some of the smoothest shots by playing with height, distance and movement.

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Another newly emerging videography option is to utilize virtual reality to allow viewers to ‘experience’ your brand in exciting new ways! Virtual Reality and Virtual Tours offer up an experience like no other. It is an extremely immersive way for you and your customers to experience video and photos. Companies that utilize virtual reality are finding they are able to impress and wow their audiences like never before! Viewers are no longer just viewing the video but are fully immersed in a media experience that will leave a lasting brand impression.

It’s a fact that the stories you can tell through video are proven to be immensely more powerful than the written word alone. Video engages your audience and allows them to digest your message in a much more meaningful and memorable way. Ask yourself this: Do you think the average person will have an easier time recalling the details of a sports article they read in their favorite sports magazine or the exact lines from a beer manufacturers television ad from the ’90s featuring 3 beverage promoting frogs? We’re going to guess more of you can spit out the iconic catchphrase ‘Bud – Weis – ?’ – Well, you get the point. There’s power in video!

At Stellar Blue, our team of talented multimedia experts can help you with the scope of your project, determine what equipment is going to provide you the results you’re hoping to achieve and guide you all along the way. If you want to create an in-house department, we have consultation services available to work out your budget and find solutions that fit your staff’s skill and comfort level. If you are looking for a little more hands-on help, work with Stellar Blue Technologies to produce the content for you. We offer multimedia packages designed to help maximize the results!

At the end of the day, content is king no matter how you make it! We invite you to sit down and chat with our experts at Stellar Blue Technologies. We’ll work together to find a solution that fits your business best. Send us an email at:

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