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Brand & Culture: Identifying your Video Content Strategy

posted on May 21, 2019
Marketing Multimedia

When you work with Stellar Blue Technologies’ team of multimedia experts, they will likely ask if you want to focus on communicating your culture message or emphasize your branding message. We ask this because your answer will help provide direction in forming your overall media strategy moving forward. If you answer with branding, we’re more likely to create promotional spots highlighting your company history, unique products/services, or headquarters. If you answer with culture, we’ll look at creating employee spotlights, customer testimonials, or recruitment tools. This isn’t to say you can’t do both, but asking this question allows us all to be on the same page strategy-wise when it comes to short-term and long-term project goals.

Here are some situational examples. Let’s say your team is expanding and you have new roles to fill. A couple of videos highlighting your company culture will help you raise awareness to attract new applicants. Along those same lines, employee spotlights add a personal touch and give a powerful voice to your team members to say why they enjoy working for your company. On the branding side of things, you might consider a product video series for your company’s new line or maybe a 30-second ad promoting your company as a whole. Your brand identity is a powerful tool to leverage with video to help you stand apart from competitors.

The next two examples are pieces we created for Neenah Foundry, and they show how answering this question leads to different styles of content.

This history series explores the rich history Neenah Foundry has and how that identity is carried through to today. While their experts bring personality to the video, it’s still the company’s story and not theirs.

Contrasting the history series, we have this piece focusing on Neenah Foundry team member, Lizeth Medina. While she touches on her company’s history and mission, this video is focused on her and how working at the foundry lets her achieve her career goals. Both of these Neenah Foundry videos highlight the company in different ways based on whether the project’s focus was brand or culture.

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Those examples work great for an established company like Neenah Foundry, but what about newer companies just beginning to grow? Take a look at two pieces we created for IndepenDENT Dental Solutions below.

This video was loosely based off of material IDS was using to pitch to potential business network partners. Adapting that material into video streamlines their pitch process and standardizes their message, strengthening their brand identity.

The driving force behind IndepenDENT Dental Solutions is their focus on independent dentists, so while the brand piece is important to pitch who they are, this piece above drives home why other independent dentists should join their network.

Both of the companies in the examples above had samples drawing from both brand and culture. At Stellar Blue Technologies, we are here to guide you down this content creation path. If you are interested in video or other multimedia services, send us an email at

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