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Cal Ray Inc Gets New Custom Website

posted on July 28, 2018
Stellar Launches

Stellar Blue Technologies, a Fox Valley, WI digital marketing firm, has launched a new custom website for Cal-Ray Inc. in Oshkosh, WI. Cal-Ray Inc. provides essential medical technology to healthcare facilities across the Midwest. We are proud to have played our part in bringing a vibrant new look to the design and functionality of their presence online!


A bright, clean-cut new look puts the lifesaving products of Cal-Ray Inc. front and center, and showcases the company’s commitment to constant improvement. The website is largely white, with pops of forest green and deep grey. The home page introduces the company to the reader, and offers a chance to request service for any equipment already owned, as well as the opportunity to speak to a representative. When you scroll down, it introduces you to some of the products available for sale through Cal-Ray, as well as information about installation of medical technologies offered. A bright green box in the corner of the site makes it easier than ever for readers to get connected to a representative as soon as possible, and take the first step in equipping their facility with the well-maintained, cutting edge technology. The clean color scheme and brightly colored menu at the top of the page make navigation intuitive, and keep the site organized.

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Cal-Ray Inc. hopes to provide Midwestern medical facilities with modern medical technologies, and help them stop feeling overwhelmed by maintenance demands so that they can instead focus on their patients. Their new website reflects that mission, as well as the company’s firm dedication to constant improvement through its detailed online catalog and explanation of installation and maintenance services. Cal-Ray Inc also provides readers easy access to knowledgeable representatives.

Visit their new website and tell us what you think!  Are you interested to find out what Stellar Blue can do for your website? If so, contact a Stellar Blue representative today!

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