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Stellar Gift Picks for a Geeky Holiday

posted on December 1, 2017

The holiday season is in full swing! Have you finished your shopping yet? Maybe you’re stuck on what to get that geek in your life. Luckily, we know all the cool gadgets to make any tech lover giddy this holiday. Here are our top 5 picks.

  1. Drone RC Quadcopter – Get it on Amazon for $59.90
    Who doesn’t want a drone? Drones have become incredibly popular among tech lovers, but who knew you could find one so inexpensive! The geek in your life will forever thank you for this flying gadget.
  2. 3D Printing Pen – Get in on Amazon for $29.99
    Basically the coolest invention since sliced bread, this 3D printer pen allows you to draw up whatever your imagination can bring to life, in 3D! The sky’s the limit!
  3. Virtual Infrared Keyboard – Get it on Amazon for $29.95
    For the person who loves their smartphones and tablets, but loves a real keyboard, just as much. This allows your geek to type away on any flat surface on any bluetooth device.
  4. Desk Robot – Get it on Amazon for $24.99
    That’s right, a real robot. You build it and watch it come to life right on your desk. This little guy lights up your desk and chases his light, too. It’s a robot!
  5. Smart Notebook – Get it on Amazon for $28.02
    This is perfect for that person who writes EVERYTHING down, but ALWAYS carries their smartphone as well. This allows you to keep your handwritten notes handy, but send your notes right to your smart device so you can reference it anywhere. Pretty nifty, eh?

There you have it, 5 excellent (and inexpensive) tech gifts that any geek would love to open up this holiday season!

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2. What attracted you to want to work at Stellar Blue?

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