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How to Reduce Your Bounce Rate

posted on October 19, 2017
Marketing Stellar Analytics

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If you have analytics set up for your website, that is a good start, but collecting the data is only half the battle. Understanding your data to leverage the information is the other. Being able to understand where you are falling short when it comes to website metrics is vital for survival. If you do not fix the areas that are in need, it can result in loss of visitors and ultimately results in an overall loss of sales/conversions. Let’s take a look at one key component to any successful website; bounce rates.

A bounce rate is the percent of visitors who leave your website’s landing page, without viewing other pages.  Having a high bounce rate is not ideal as it indicates your visitors are not finding what they are looking for among many other reasons such as; not having a responsive design website, poor links, hard to find call to action buttons and more. An ideal bounce rate to strive for is 35% or lower and anything above 50% should be a red flag! So, how do you lower your bounce rate? Here are some helpful strategies to get started.

Readable content on your webpage

Font matters! Use a web safe font,these fonts will ensure that your website is readable to your viewers.  Once you have picked out your font, keep in mind the size and color of your content. Too many colors is overload to the reader making your website look disorganized and overwhelming. Also, keep in mind the spacing of your content. Avoiding large paragraphs helps. Break up your content and gives the reader a chance to slowly take in what your website has to offer in clean and concise format.

Call to action buttons

Only 47% of websites have call to action buttons that are easy to find and click (Go Globe).  Another resource, SmallBizTrends, stated that 70% of small businesses don’t have a call to action button on their homepage. This is a high percent of businesses that are missing out on conversion opportunities!  A good call to action should be easy to find and directly state what you want the visitor to do. Having a compelling CTA is vital.  Everything from placement, color, font and text should be considered when creating your CTA’s. Click the link provided to view examples of CTA’s on our Stellar Blue Technologies homepage.

Targeting Relevant Keywords

Researching and utilizing keywords that are relevant to your website is important for anything that is content driven on your webpage. This includes; social posts, blogs, content on the web page, metadata and titles of your webpages. It is no surprise that doing the research and finding highly searched keywords that are specifically tailored to your industry is no easy task. However, when done correctly you can find keywords that can be used not only for SEO purposes, but can intrigue viewers to read about the keywords they were searching once arriving to your webpage.  This makes the viewer want to read more based on your overall content, thus resulting in spending more time on your webpage and slashing your bounce rate.

The strategies above are only a few practices to help lower your bounce rate. Our Marketing Strategists are here to help your business succeed in overall website optimization and to ensure we are executing the right methods to help you gain traffic to your website and social channels to ultimately help your business grow in conversions and sales. Visit Our Work page and let us know what we can do for YOU!

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