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Benefits of Bundling Hosting & Security

posted on April 19, 2017

We all know securing your belongings is a must these days, as does securing your website from hackers and viruses. The experts at Stellar Blue have been staying on top of the latest security trends and protocols to keep their servers safe that also makes your website safe as well. Our latest set of security plans are packaged with our hosting plans as they integrate together to keep everything running smoothly that keeps the hackers and viruses away.

What’s Included?

At the heart of every security package we offer, we include Cloudflare service that is the front line defense to your website. This sits as a protecting layer that detects traffic to your website and will prevent any known hackers or other security measured flagged as unsafe before they even reach your website on our servers. Not only is it blocking unwanted traffic to your website, it caches your webpages and the user will download the site on their accelerated network of servers; so it is a win in security and a win in increasing your website speed.

Maintaining Your Website

Stellar Blue not only sets up new servers with the latest versions of PHP and MySQL, we keep them regularly updated of all sorts of server updates to ensure the latest security patches are installed; even starting at our base security bundle, we will also ensure your WordPress core remains up to date with the latest patches and fixes. What this means to you is that you are at peace of mind while hackers are trying to learn new ways to access your site, we are continually updating our servers and your website on any potential security holes.

Securing Your Website

Also included in all of our security bundles is an SSL certificate, which allows your website to run over the encrypted HTTPS protocol instead of unsecured HTTP. What this means is that it makes it much harder for eavesdroppers to see the data being passed between your website and the user. While SSL certificates are required for processing credit cards or other sensitive data between your sites, it is the favored way to load any website by Google as they believe it improves any site, they are giving SEO improved rankings for sites utilizing SSL certificates.

Learn more about how a secured socket layer (SSL) benefits SEO.

Enhanced Protection

Stellar Blue also offers higher security plans that covers additional items beyond the basics. Benefits include virus and malware scanning, blacklist monitoring, custom email reports and more that keep you up to date on all the inner workings of your website and security. So contact Stellar Blue today with their knowledgeable security team that have the security bundles loaded of features to keep your website continuously running safely and securely.

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