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Stellar Cares: Voices of Men Breakfast

posted on November 3, 2016
Crew & Community

Before the sun had even come up on the morning of Wednesday, November 2nd, Stellar Blue crew members were on their way to the Voices of Men Annual Breakfast. The event, held at the Radisson Paper Valley Hotel in downtown Appleton, Wis., was centered around the advocation for changing the culture domestic violence and sexual assault of women. Earlier this year, Stellar Blue launched a custom, interactive website for the Fox Valley Voices of Men organization. [Click here for more details]

img_0068Voices of Men, established in 2007, is a non-profit organization based in the Fox Valley that’s primary mission is to educate young men on the concept of having a ‘Healthy Manhood’ and how all people should be treated with dignity and respect. The breakfast has been an annual event since 2010 and has played host to 1000-plus attendees in each of the past two years.

The event is held to teach participants about simple everyday behaviors that continue to do two things. These behaviors continue to either inhibit the goal of ridding our society of violence and sexism against women or create a society where women need not be fearful of their male counterparts and can live with the feeling of safety. Our Stellar Blue representatives had the honor of attending the event and having their eyes opened to a very harsh reality while also learning how to be proactive in the cause.


“The current state of our culture teaches boys that it is not okay to cry, to have feelings and that women are not our equals. This is a culture that must change,” says Stellar Blue Marketing Strategist and breakfast attendee Dylan Hildebrandt. “It was inspiring to listen to presenters, male and female alike, educate us on what we can do to help be part of the change.”

Did you happen to miss the breakfast, but would like to know how YOU can make a difference? Visit the Voices of Men website to learn more about the organization and how to be active in the effort to change the culture surrounding violence and sexism towards women. Take the pledge and help make a difference.

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