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New Google Expanded Ads: 5 Things You Need to Know to Get Started

posted on August 17, 2016

2Click through rates are through the roof with Google Adwords’ recent update. In fact, this is the biggest change in the last 15 years. What changed? Ad texts are 2 times bigger and performing better than ever. With more room to share content, marketers are going crazy at the chance to use increased character limits to attract more clicks. Here’s what you need to know about Expanded Text Ads:

Why did Google make expanded ads?
In a mobile-first world, Google recognized a need for change to increase performance in mobile searches. “More than half of the trillions of searches conducted on Google per year are done via a mobile device.” Therefore, expanded ads were a progression of larger headlines release back in 2011 and the elimination of right-side ads on desktop computers.

How much bigger are the ads?
There are now 2 titles and a description. Each title is 30 characters, and the description is 80 characters. With nearly 2 times the amount of text space, there is more room to share promotional items, emotion, and sense of urgency. Your clicks will increase for sure!

Are display urls changing?
Yes, display urls will automatically be extracted from the final url that you log into the interface. Additionally, you can add 2 paths that will appear behind the URL to help viewers understand where they are going once they click the ad. Each path is 15 characters long.

So, what do expanded ads look like compared to the old format?


When will the old ad design be expired?
Google stated the following: “Starting October 26th, 2016, AdWords will no longer support the creation or editing of standard text ads.’’ With that being said, begin NOW creating and implementing your expanded ads. Do not pause or delete your old ads until there is clear performance coming from the new expanded ads.

Expanded ads offer more space for creativity and information. They are basically a marketer’s goldmine in the digital marketing world. Watch your click-through rate increase dramatically as you create quality expanded ad copy. Get started soon than larger!

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