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4 Reasons Why You Should Integrate Livestreaming Into Your Social Media Strategy

posted on August 3, 2016
Marketing Social Media

LiveStreamingBlogLive streaming is becoming more and more popular in the past few years. Since its beginning, Snapchat has been gaining traction like crazy. However, even more recently, Facebook has become part of the game with its new live streaming platform.

Obviously, live streaming isn’t going anywhere, anytime soon. So, it is important that your business understands live streaming and how it works. The experience that live streaming offers your audience opens up an entirely new arena, but the foundation of your marketing strategy will stay the same. Below are four powerful why you should integrate live streaming into your social media marketing strategy.

1.Show behind the scenes footage
Behind the scenes, footage is a great way to set your brand apart from the rest. It allows it to be more transparent to your consumers, thus allowing them to trust you and your brand more because they feel like they really know you.

Livestreaming on Facebook is the perfect way to show this transparency. Here you are able to show your consumers how your most popular product is made, or what all goes into putting together the perfect dish, or even how your business gives back to its community.

2. Showcase events
Livestreaming is a phenomenal way to share footage of your event with your consumers. This tool is the perfect way to share live concerts, festivals, award ceremonies, etc. Although you are sharing these types of events out for free on live streaming such as Facebook, it doesn’t mean that your ticket sales will poorly impacted.

One purpose of live streaming is to show people where you are and what they’re missing out on. You aren’t streaming the entire concert, festival, or whatever, you are just streaming enough to make them aware of your event so they can attend in the future.

3. Share exclusive content
Facebook live is a great way to make your consumers feel VIP. You can offer them exclusive content next time you launch a product or host a webinar. Hosting a live streaming event on your exclusive content on only one streaming site, such as Facebook, will not only drive traffic to that particular platform but it will also make your followers feel special because since they are following you they are the only ones receiving the inside details.

4. Demonstrate thought leadership
Live streaming is great for a business that offers services. It allows you and your business to set yourselves apart from the pack and demonstrate thought leadership. When there happens to be important information pertaining to you or your industry, live streaming allows you to basically live vlog what’s going on. It is a great way to get your consumers engaged in what’s going on in the industry as well as within your business.

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