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Google is “Real-time” Advancing our Mobile Marketing

posted on June 15, 2016

NEW (1)How many times have you searched “restaurant near me” or “where is the closest gas station”? The answer is a lot! A recent Google Live stream from the Google Performance Summit said that nearly 1/3 of all searches are related to location! To answer the demands of the mobile-driven world, and companies who rely on location technology, Google announced a few changes making it easier “In the Moments that Matter.”

With an importance in real-time information and accuracy, Google focuses on both location and inventory tactics:

Promoted Pin and Local Search Ads

Google Map users will see promotions for businesses along their route with the newly promoted pin feature. This includes not only the business’s logo, but ads as well.  Rather than on the side of Google maps, logos and ads will soon appear on the map itself.

Increased Location Accuracy

The use of location extensions is better than ever. Companies who use this feature will notice and have much better results.

Local Business Pages

“Local business pages are also getting a brand new look — to encourage consumers to explore your store before they even arrive, we’re adding new features like special offers and the ability to browse product inventory.”

In-store conversions

Google can more accurately use location technology to determine if the people who search for your store’s location actually stepped into your physical location.

Google has continued to advance our marketing techniques and the way we interact with our customers. Location marketing will forever be important in our mobile world. Check out our Part One blog from the Google Performance Summit:

Contact a Stellar Blue Marketing Strategist today to utilize these new Adwords techniques and create a successful mobile marketing strategy!

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