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Built From the Ground Up, VRC Launches a New Website!

posted on June 24, 2016
Stellar Launches

The Stellar Blue Crew is excited to announce that Vertical Reciprocating Conveyors (VRC) is up and running with a brand new website! VRC is a parts division of Wildeck, a leading manufacturer of material handling products and subsidiary of Holden Industries, Inc. Stellar Blue completed a website for another division of Wildeck, ValueRail, in the past. This is the first custom website created for VRC.

When visitors first arrive to the website, they are met with direct contact information, links to the company’s main website, log in availability for returning customers and an interactive product search box. As visitors continue to investigate the website, they will see an options bar that helps them customize their product search. By selecting one or more of the options that relate to what they are looking for, customers are able to find their desired products with ease. At the bottom of the homepage, visitors will find more contact information of Holden Industries. The features of the website include a custom design and an ecommerce integration. The website has also been built to be responsive which allows customers to use the website on their mobile devices, creating on-the-go availability.

“It is always great to work with an existing client whose business continues to grow,” said Technical Director Dustin White. “Providing VRC its own website, streamlines their purchasing process and makes it easier for their clients.”

The purpose of the website is to promote the purchase of parts to help streamline the selling and ordering process for client. Also, having designed a website for another division of Wildeck, there is a consistency across the websites. With the customizable searching tools and accessible contact links, navigation will become simple for new and returning customers.

You can visit the website here:

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