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A Stellar User Experience Checklist

posted on April 6, 2016

USER EXPERIENCEIs your website easy to use? Can users find what they need to when they visit your site? Designers are now striving to relate to the wants and needs of the users with one main goal: design a fluid experience with immediacy, control, and convenience throughout the use of the site, whether through a web or mobile interface. If you can check every one of these characteristics off of our User Experience checklist, you can be sure your website visitors will be satisfied and will keep coming back to your site!

Is the content on your website useful?
When creating a site, make sure the information you’re posting to the site is original content that fulfills user wants and needs. For example, if you list your company’s hours of operation, make sure they are correct, and make sure things such as services or products are updated frequently.

Is your website useable?
Are all of the links on your site working? Can the visitors easily access the information they need? If your customers can’t use the website efficiently, they will exit the site feeling frustrated and likely will not return.

seubert law

Seubert Law is one of our recent custom website projects, and it is a perfect example of a useable website. The homepage lists the office’s number multiple times, and visitors can find anything they need to right on the first page!

Is your brand and the information you’re giving out desirable?
It is important for your company or organization’s brand and image to provoke emotion. People want to associate your logo and brand with positivity, so ensure your website does so! Our blog on the psychology of color explains the importance of creating an intriguing and colorful brand that draws in users.

Can you easily find what you’re looking for?
Can your website visitors find what they need to on your site? Make sure everything important is easy to find and access such as payment or contact information. If your customer can’t easily find your phone number or your hours of operation, chances are they have moved on to the next site that provides them with that information.

To learn more about how you can improve your website visitors’ experience, contact a Stellar Blue representative today!

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Lead Creative Designer at Stellar Blue

1. When I'm not working, I am ...

Playing with my son outside or trying out a new recipe.

2. What attracted you to want to work at Stellar Blue?

The flexibility with my schedule and the ability to work from home in my PJs!

3. How is Stellar Blue’s culture achieved working remotely?

The ability to chat a co-worker and set up meetings throughout the day allows for you to connect with other team members easily and efficiently. 

4. When have you witnessed Stellar Blue’s mission/values in action?

In meetings with clients we provide complete transparency and honesty with them in what we know is the best solution is for their business.