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2 Sides to Every Modern Marketer

posted on March 1, 2016

5 TipsMarketing in general, is an ever-changing profession, new tools, techniques, and strategies are being added and changed on a daily basis. These ever-changing marketing strategies, tools, and techniques require marketers to have two sides: an “artist side” and a “scientist side.” Creativity is needed to imagine and create campaigns that will engage consumers. The analytical side, or scientist side, is needed to measure and quantify a marketing strategy.

Artist Side
Writing Content
Inbound marketing is promoting a company through blogs, podcasts, video, eBooks, e-newsletters, whitepapers, SEO, physical products, social media and many other forms of content marketing to attract customers throughout different stages of the purchase funnel.
This inbound marketing has become the go-to strategy for modern marketers. It creates a necessity for good writing skills.
Visual Assets
Visual content is what grabs consumers’ attention which makes it a very valuable marketing resource. One of the newest emerging form of visual content is video marketing.
Social Media
Social networking has greatly changed the way marketers are interacting with consumers. This tool creates a significant importance on digital relationships that the marketer must have.
Email Marketing
Email marketing is still a very important tool for marketers to use. However, people receive many emails a day and many times promotional emails find themselves filtered to spam. Creating an appealing design with worthwhile information is an essential skill for marketers to possess.

Scientist Side
Performance Tracking
Marketers are facing more and more pressure to show ROI on their campaigns. When marketing performance is tracked, measured and analyzes, marketers are able to better see which campaigns are working well and which aren’t.
There is more responsibility and less resources available. Performance tracking helps marketers become experts in budgeting and operations.
Budgeting is made a little easier with analytics because marketers are able to look at data and see any major trends and important takeaways.
Campaign Performance
Tools such as Salesforce are used to understand campaign performance. This is an essential skill for modern marketers.

Being a multi-faceted marketer is expected nowadays, and it is no surprise why. Developing both the artistic and scientific sides allow marketers to quickly adapt and thrive in the rapidly changing marketing world.

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