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3 Ways to Make a Remarketing Ad Successful

posted on February 18, 2016

Remarketing AdHave you ever started adding items to your cart while online shopping only to abandon these items and leave the website without purchasing anything? Businesses are able to track when someone goes to their site and doesn’t make a purchase. Through remarketing, businesses can try to get someone to go back to make that purchase.


What is remarketing?
Remarketing allows businesses to position targeted ads in front of an audience that has previously visited their website while they are browsing the internet. For example, if you are searching Nike’s website looking for a new pair of running shoes and you spend time looking at the products but decide not to make a purchase, you might notice later while using Pandora or Facebook, that Nike placed a small ad on side of your screen that features similar or identical products to what you had just been looking at.nikeremarketingad





How does it work?
Remarketing works by placing cookies on the machine of the person who was visiting a business’s website as long as this person meets the criteria the business has defined. The person who visited the website has a cookie ID that gets added to a business’s remarketing list. A business can have multiple lists with different criteria. Brands use remarketing to drive traffic back to their website in hopes that they can collect the data they want or make a sale.

It’s important to make sure that these remarketing ads are successful and this can be done by keeping three things in mind:
1. Make sure you fully understand your website visitors. Personalize advertisements so that the content is relevant to a product or service that each person is interested in.

2. Make sure the advertisement is visually appealing. If someone is on another website in the middle of something else, your ad needs to be able to capture their attention enough so that they stop what they’re doing.

3. Include a call to action in your ad. The goal is to guide the person viewing your ad towards the action you want them to take. This can be done by including a button with actionable text. For example, if someone is looking but doesn’t book a stay, the remarketing ad could include a button that says “book now” to prompt that person to click and do the action that you want.

Are you looking to learn more about remarketing? Contact the team at Stellar Blue to see how we can help!

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