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A Look Back At 2015: Incredible Advancements of the Past Year

posted on January 19, 2016

A Look Back at 2015-2Every year we experience a brand new wealth of fresh advancements that can potentially change the future. Many of these advancements we are already experiencing or are hearing about right now. 2015 brought numerous technological advancements into the world. From holographic monitors and computers, to intuitive drones.

For Stellar Blue it was incredibly hard making a list of the BEST advancements from 2015, but we wanted to share to you our favorite, and most inspiring advancements:

Sense and Avoid
In June DJI, released the first ever consumer drone ready for purchase. The new technology developed DJI allowed the aircraft to detect and avoid other aircraft, buildings, and obstacles. This ability allows it to maneuver around emergency scenes, check power lines, deliver supplies, or even deliver the new necklace you ordered online.

3-D Printed Limbs
Robotics has taken the world by storm recently, from drones to smart cars, etc.  3-D printed limbs are now becoming very popular for patients in need. In the past limbs were as costly as $40,000. Today these printed limbs cost $50. We should be expecting much more 3-D printed material in 2016.

Restored Sight
A visual prosthetics company Second Sight has created Argus II®, which sits on top of the retina. It uses an antenna, which sends signals between the special pair of glass and your eye. The item can bypass any damaged parts of the eye, and will send signals back and forth to the brain – meaning it won’t just bring your vision from poor to fair, but it will completely restore the sight.

There were so many more to choose from, but Stellar Blue thought these “techy” advancements can make a big change.  To learn more about what consumer electronics and technological advancements are hitting the market these days, check out our Recap posts from CES 2016 in Las Vegas!

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