Be Stellar

All work and no play makes marketing dull. Here at Stellar Blue, our focus is on individuals’ growth and success. And the benefit? Our clients get dynamite results. To be stellar means to be:

  • self-motivated
  • team player
  • innovative
  • ___________ (you fill in the blank, it’s your career!)

We are not a cubicle pit company. We offer a new-age office. Some may call it a non-office where team members have the option and flexibility to work from their chosen environment. Our studio space in Neenah is available for when you want to get away or meet with clients and team members.

Our Difference

There is a lot of smoke and mirrors in the agency, digital world. We advocate education and empowerment for our clients of all sizes. It’s why we provide workshops and travel to speak. Part of learning is knowing how your project is managed. From proposal creation to implementation, we offer transparency in all of our service offerings because we all know the best relationships are rooted in honesty.


Stellar Blue Technologies’ mission is to be a reputable, full-service digital marketing firm that consistently provides affordable, professional and creative online solutions that exceed the expectations of our clients.


Crew: We value our employees by providing an environment that promotes personal growth and financial security. We value employees by showing recognition for personal pride and commitment in meeting and exceeding our customers’ needs. We value our employees by respecting their skills and dedication to serving our customers.

Customers: We value our customers by treating them with honesty and integrity. We value our customers by providing a product and service that will help in their success. We value our customers by providing the expertise of quality personnel to deliver our product on time.

Equity: We value equity as a means to meet our responsibilities to both our employees and customers. We value equity as a tool for reinvestment in people, facilities and equipment. We value equity to provide growth and financial stability for our company and community.