When and Why is Facebook Analytics Going Away?

After four years on the market, the free Facebook Analytics tool will be retired by the platform before the end of 2021.

So, why is Facebook Analytics going away? When is Facebook Analytics going away? How does the end of Facebook Analytics affect the millions of active business pages on the Facebook social media network? We take a look today at Stellar Blue Technologies!

Learn What the Departure of Facebook Analytics Means For Your Online Business!

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Why is Facebook Analytics Going Away?

Facebook is making the decision to retire Facebook Analytics because the free business tool was ignored by the majority of their user base. Therefore, Facebook is making this choice to consolidate the extensions and tools related to Facebook Business pages for easier use and understanding among users.


When is Facebook Analytics Going Away?

Facebook Analytics will be operating until Wednesday, June 30, 2021. Until this time, Facebook Analytics can still be used to access and download data reports.

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Other Facebook Business Tools

Despite the upcoming absence of Facebook Analytics, there are plenty of additional Facebook Business tools that will remain on the platform and can be used to monitor business performance and make educated decisions to improve traffic and clicks on the site, including:

Facebook Ads Manager​

Facebook Ads Manager allows users to create, manage, and change Facebook ad campaigns, ad sets, and ads.​

Facebook Business Suite​

Facebook Business Suite allows users to manage and view insights on the pages of connected Facebook and Instagram accounts.

Facebook Events Manager​

Facebook Events Manager allows users to manage and track the results of various Facebook Business Tools, including the Facebook Pixel.

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What Does This Mean for My Online Business?

According to data, most business users on Facebook didn’t heavily make use of Facebook Analytics, and instead relied more heavily on third-party tools to track the performance of their Facebook Business pages and referrals. However, Facebook Analytics was still a useful tool to many small businesses and personal projects, primarily due to the fact that it was free to use.

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However, possibly the largest effect of Facebook Analytics going away is what it signifies for the industry. The retirement of Facebook Analytics might be the first step and shift in social media to consolidate reporting programs and software by major tech companies to simplify their platforms. Another possibility to consider is that these companies may simply be gearing up to get rid of certain tools that aren’t incredibly successful or profitable to their business model, whether or not they are popular with a large audience.

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