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Using Immersive Content to Communicate Your Brand Experience

posted on May 24, 2019
Marketing Multimedia

When creating multimedia and video content, the goal has always been to transport your audience to new places or show them new experiences through visual media. As technology continues to advance almost daily, multimedia experts have at their disposal tools and software programs that empower them to create immersive video pieces like never before. With the availability of innovative equipment like drones and 360-degree cameras, videographers are now capable of capturing stunning virtual reality environments and aerial cinematography that captivates and engages their audience in ways only dreamed of before. At Stellar Blue Technologies, we have both of these powerful multimedia tools at our disposal, as well as a talented team of experts ready to help your business achieve new heights.

Virtual Reality

Google data has recently shown rising interest in virtual reality as a whole, and while most consumer content right now is taking advantage of the video gaming sector, 64% of people surveyed were interested in using VR to interact with and see products before making purchasing decisions. Imagine being able to virtually “hold” that new wireless Bluetooth speaker you’ve been eyeing up, turning it over in your hands, “viewing” it on all sides, virtually placing it on your desk to see how it fits with your existing decor, all without having to physically drive to the store…the possibilities are endless! At Stellar Blue Technologies, we’re dedicated to pushing this medium further to create unique viewing experiences. The business applications of virtual reality are only limited by your imagination.

Picture this: You own a small inn in Door County, Wisconsin. You’d like to be able to show potential guests around your property, displaying the charm of the interior and exterior. Photos are great, but you’d love to capture the feeling of truly enjoying the calming atmosphere that a stay at your inn can provide. You’re looking for ways to boost your digital bookings. You know that one of the main drawbacks to booking a stay online is that consumers are hesitant to stay somewhere without knowing exactly what to expect. One of the advantages of a chain hotel is that guests can pretty much anticipate what their accommodations are like. Not so with a small inn, unfortunately. Gaining trust digitally from your customers has been a challenge through photos and descriptions alone. 

Now imagine if you were able to feature a “virtual reality” tour of your gardens, main dining area, rooms, and pool area. Visitors to your website could put on their virtual reality headset, look around and see displayed virtually the beautiful roses you’ve worked so hard to cultivate, the yellow finches at the feeder, the spacious, charmingly decorated bedrooms, etc. I might have been leery of booking the garden view suite at first, but when I see how great the view is virtually, I’m sold! I won’t be able to pull out my Visa fast enough!

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Drones are another way we’re creating engaging content for here at Stellar Blue. A drone’s literal bird’s eye view of things adds a new perspective to exterior locations and landscapes. The imagery of facilities and landscapes shot with video from above are completely mesmerizing and breathtaking. You might have driven past a locale numerous times, but viewing it from these new heights adds intrigue and engaging dimension that keeps you interested.

One of the more exciting things we’ve been using our drones for has been interior shots. The form factor of devices like the DJI Mavic Pro let experienced drone pilots like ours fly in more confined spaces. Manufacturing facilities, storefront spaces, event and expo centers, you name it — We can pilot our drones through most interiors and display your brand experience like never before.  

So whether you want to strap on a VR headset or take to the skies, the Multimedia arm of Stellar Blue Technologies is here to make it happen. Contact to schedule a consultation with our experts today.

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2. What attracted you to want to work at Stellar Blue?

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