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The Importance of Web Analytics

posted on March 11, 2019
Stellar Analytics

The Importance of Web Analytics

Having the tools necessary to track results is very important to the success of your website. Through the use of analytics, you gain an inside look at how many people are visiting your site, what they’re doing when they visit, and numerous other valuable pieces of information. Various analytic tracking programs allow you to look further into the success of your site by displaying which pages are doing well, and which ones need some work. Additionally, you gain insight to top referrer sites (this is where those backlinks come in handy) and to keywords that are driving traffic to your site.

Analytics are important because they help increase efficiency and experience. Through having access to all these critical data points, you are more equipped to make informed strategic decisions about your digital business. Your analytics will help make you aware of the potential changes in traffic. You will be able to assess the causes of this change and how your clients are responding. Clicks and page entries help display what your audience likes and dislikes within your website. If a product or page is not faring well, it may be due to a developmental issue that is making user experience difficult rather than just assuming it’s an unpopular item. By understanding what your customers enjoy and what they dislike, you can alter your strategies to fit within those realms. Having access to this information is important as it will help guide you down the correct path to success for your business.

How Web Analytics Impact your Digital Marketing Strategy

It allows you to track how well your webpages are doing.

There are a number of ways you can use your analytics results to your advantage. By seeing which pages are doing poorly statistically, you are given the opportunity to look deeper into those pages to assess why. Does that page’s content not contain high-quality keywords? Is the design not aesthetically pleasing? Is it hard to navigate? Additionally, if you have a page that is doing well, you should continue to make sure the content on it is up-to-date and continue promoting it. Consider looking at the content on the page that is doing well and implementing some of those same practices onto pages that are not faring as well.

Tracking your analytics allows you to learn from your referrers.

You can also learn from your referrers. If you have a Facebook page and it is not producing many referrals to your site, it may be worthwhile to implement a marketing strategy geared towards social media to help increase traffic from this source. A lack of referring sites may indicate that you need to work on developing strong backlinks, which will further benefit your SEO in the long run.

You can track how well your social media pages are doing.

Social media platforms, like Facebook and LinkedIn, now contain analytics data for you to gather a better understanding of our your social posts and strategies are performing. For example, with Facebook, you can check your Insights for free on your business’ page. The Insights page will give you a look into the organic reach and engagement rates resulting from each post, in addition to other key metrics. Upon analyzing which posts do better based on their content and time posted, you can adjust your social strategy accordingly and make adjustments to future posts. You can also see various other pieces of data, like the span of time most of your followers are online. If you’re always posting at 7:00 AM and the majority of your followers don’t log onto Facebook until 3:00 PM, you could be missing out on a lot of organic reach. Familiarizing yourself with the data report features of each social media platform is critical to your success on the channel.

Analytics allow you to track your advertisements and save you money.

Lastly, by being able to track the results of your advertisements, you can make sure your money is not being wasted on an ad that is not encouraging engagement, clicks, or conversion. Tracking your advertisements’ results can help you determine which ads your audience actually wants to see and help with future ads you create. You are also able to determine which digital ad source produces the best results from your advertisements. Is it Google Ads, social media ads on Facebook or LinkedIn, or some other digital ad space that’s delivering for you? Upon discovering this, you will have a better idea of the best place to allocate your advertising budget to produce the best return on investment.

Through analytical data analysis, you will be able to assess where your site is doing well and where it needs to improve, in addition to developing a better understanding of your viewers’ intentions and experience. If you want to learn more about tracking results through the use of analytics, contact us at Stellar Blue today. Our experienced analytics team is eager to help you reach your conversion goals!

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