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Appleton Parks and Recreation Launches New Website

posted on March 6, 2019
Stellar Launches

Stellar Blue Technologies, a northeast Wisconsin digital marketing firm, has launched a new custom website for Appleton Parks and Recreation of Appleton, Wisconsin. Appleton Parks and Rec provides a large amount of information and resources to the Appleton community including programs and events, parks and trails, pools and swimming lessons, and winter recreation. It was a joy to have the opportunity to work with Appleton Parks and Rec to create a user-friendly and informative site!


Through the use of Elementor, a WordPress editor that allows for visual editing and style, internal pages now provide an interactive and informative experience. Through entering the home page, viewers can easily navigate to their desired location of the webpage through their menu listed at the top of the page. Upon clicking on what feature they are looking for, for example, Parks, Facilities & Trails, the menu is further broken down into subcategories to make navigation even more simple. After visiting a subcategory, a dropdown menu provides easy access to other related subcategories. Through Elementor, these new pages provide expandable text areas, counters, and image galleries, making the experience more aesthetically pleasing as you scroll through.

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The Appleton Parks and Rec website is loaded with all kinds of information. With over 700 classes provided and already over 120,000 recreation participants only three months into the new year, Appleton Parks and Rec has a lot to share with its community. With so much information, someone could easily become overwhelmed or lost within all the content. For this reason, we set out to make sure this didn’t happen to the viewers of the new Appleton Parks and Recreational website. The main goal of this project was to create an informative, fun, and easily accessible and navigable site for users. Stellar Blue developed interactive pages that easily display information to visitors in a simple way to encourage ease of navigation to their goal destination on the website.

Visit their new website and tell us what you think! Are you interested to find out what Stellar Blue Technologies can do for your website? If so, contact a Stellar Blue representative today!

Are you interested to learn more about how Stellar Blue Technologies can help your website achieve optimal results? Contact us today!

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