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5 Things You Can Do Right Now To Make Your LinkedIn Profile Stand Out

posted on February 6, 2018
Marketing Social Media

Your LinkedIn profile gives you the opportunity to build your personal brand as you would want potential employers to see it. Enjoy these 5 easy tips you can do today to make sure your profile looks the very best that it can!

  1. Ensure Your Head Shot and Cover Photo Appear Professional   Your headshot is the first thing that potential connections and employers will notice about you, so you’ll want to make sure that you look professional. Your picture should be current and high-quality. Additionally, make sure nobody else is in the shot, and don’t use a picture that is obviously a selfie if it can be avoided. You can take a professional headshot by yourself at home fairly easily using your cell phone camera, a plain wall, natural lighting, and a professional outfit. Similarly, your cover photo helps you make an impression and stand out, so choose an image that is memorable, and that accurately represents you and your field.
  2. Make Sure All Your Information is Up to Date    This goes for not only your current position, but also make sure you include your responsibilities at each position and your education. The more specific details you can give, the more you set yourself up as somebody with a lot of knowledge in your field. It also helps to have endorsements and recommendations from past employers and peers.  
  3. Join Groups   Join groups based on your location, industry, and job titles that you want, as well as the alumni page for your school if you have one. Groups provide opportunities for you to network with people that you otherwise may not get to, and increases your chances of being discovered by recruiters in your field or location.
  4. Newsletter Sign Up

  5. Customize Your URL   Everyone is automatically given a URL of randomized numbers and letters when they sign up for LinkedIn, but did you know you can customize it to your name or position? Customizing your URL will make it easier for people to find you. All you have to do is go to your profile, and click the “Edit public profile and URL” button at the top right of your screen. Try
  6. Rewrite Your Summary   Your headline gives you the chance to make an impact on your connections and potential employers by telling your story. It is the section of your page where employers and connections get to know you as a person. Try to use your summary to exude confidence, professionalism, and intelligence right off the bat, and let employers know what you’re all about.

If you’re interested in learning more about how to improve your LinkedIn profile, contact the team at Stellar Blue today!

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