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How Responsive Web Design Can Benefit Your SEO

posted on September 28, 2017

In today’s mobile-first era, responsive design is no longer an innovation, but rather a standard component to any business’ SEO strategy. Approximately 60% of websites are still built for desktop, often failing the demands of responsive design and the needs of mobile users. Some feel that implementing fill-in forms is enough to heighten user experience, but this is not the case. Let’s explore the importance of website optimization, page speed, and improved website usability.

Website Optimization:
Since the mobile boom, Google has ranked websites on usability and is reporting to webmasters. Optimizing your website to correct responsive design errors is a sure way to get a better grade from Google and create a better user experience. Straight from the source, Google grades websites on the following technical aspects of a website:

  • Flash usage
  • Viewport not configured
  • Fixed-width viewport
  • Content not sized to viewport
  • Small font size
  • Touch elements too close
  • Interstitial usage

If users can’t access your website efficiently, they will leave and attempt to find information elsewhere. Not only is it critical that your initial webpage load time is optimized, but all your pages within your site need optimization, as well. Again, there are many items to look out for when you are optimizing your page-speed, in order to be ranked higher by Google.

  • Eliminate render-blocking JavaScript and CSS in above-the-fold content.
  • Enable compression.
  • Optimize images.
  • Minify CSS.
  • Leverage browser caching.

User Experience:
Users access your website with a set goal in mind: To find information. Creating a responsive website helps the user achieve these goals with minimal hassle. Making the experience as simple as possible is a key component. Less clicks, larger font text, and easy checkouts are not the only topics that contribute to an optimal user experience. In a study, below are the top concerns for mobile users:

  • Homepage & Site Navigation
  • Site Search
  • Commerce & Conversions
  • Form Entry
  • Usability & Form Factor

Long story short: Don’t become unresponsive to responsive design. If you are still living in a desktop world, Stellar Blue Technologies is the answer for you. We can optimize your website and help you compete in the mobile market. Check out our work and call us for a quote today!

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