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Marketing Your Business with Social Media Stories

posted on May 18, 2017
Marketing Social Media

Marketing with Stories

Daily ‘Stories’ options on various social media platforms is the way of the future, as Facebook sees it. But those stories can pull users away from the main news feed, potentially dampening your audience reach. Don’t panic! There is a niche for businesses in these story snippets, and when you think of them a bit like a small, directly marketed billboard, it’s easy to see how to shift your marketing strategy to accommodate the fast changing platforms.

Identifying Your Demographic

You know your product better than anyone else, so you likely know your demographic. Choosing the most appropriate platform(s) will cut down on wasted time and energy. Facebook has the widest reach, but that also means more competition with other businesses. SnapChat has a younger audience, but its reach to the over 25 crowd is growing every day. Instagram plays host to a larger percentage of women (68%), and largely in the 18-25 crowd, much like SnapChat.

Compare your ideal demographic reach with your marketing budget limitations and allocate your dollars and energy to the best platforms for your business. More to the point, be comfortable and familiar with your chosen platform, if you’re most comfortable with Facebook, stick your energy there while you familiarize yourself with other platforms.

Creating Engaging Posts

The average visit on Facebook is 20 minutes, so you get a small window to get seen by your target audience and hopefully engage them. Graphics should be eye-

catching and captivating, including a call to action, even if subtly.

Each platform offers an array of filter and sticker options. Easily add details and verbiage to your post, and be sure to use geo filters on Instagram and SnapChat to
let people know you’re legitimate and nearby. Utilize automatic photo editing filters to give snapshots a more professional feel. For all the platforms, swiping left or right, OR up or down (as with Facebook’s Your Story), will bring a filter across your screen (see photo, actively being filtered with SnapChat).

  • Use Geo Filters whenever available.
  • Use concise, relative language for your brand.
  • Jump on trending hashtags.
  • Utilize calls to action.
  • Use real life photos and creative edits to give life to your brand (rather than obvious stock photos).
  • Make sure words are clear and easy to read.

Getting Started

In order to create ad content, you’ll want to start by heading over to SnapChat’s website and signing up. You’ll also find detailed information on SnapChat options
and services for paying posters. They’ve also got detailed information on their user demographics, which can help you decide if SnapChat Ads are best for your business.

Instagram offers ad opportunities for business page owners, and information on getting going can be found on their website, but the easiest way to promote a post is just like on Facebook- Instagram simply asks. Every post from your business page will come with this snippet at the bottom.

Facebook stories are a different rodeo. While Facebook’s VP of Messaging, David Marcus, noted at the time of launch, Day will likely open up for advertisements down the road, right now, it’s only available to private Facebook users. It’s not an ideal market for large businesses, but small business owners/freelancers/artists/etc will find a home here since they’re likely already friends with a large portion of their customer base.

Use Day and Story to directly target your customer base and drive up traffic, engagement and likes. Creating fun, informational graphics takes just minutes with the integrated editing features, and posts are 100% free. For now.

Struggling to sort through all your options? We’re always happy to help. Contact us to get started!

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