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CTA’S: What You Need to Know

posted on April 16, 2017

Many businesses use website conversions as one of their key performance indicators for analyzing data from their website.  One question that may arise is, how to increase website conversions? Although, there are many factors that go into website conversions, having good CTA’s or Call to Action buttons is a must.  CTA’s in the simplest form are action buttons that tell your customers, leads or promoters what you want them to do.

Call to Action buttons can include any actionable text that promotes clicks or actions by the user such as, but not limited to: downloading an ebook, filling out a forms, buying an item, read more, signing up for something or including clickable social media widgets.

It is not enough to create a CTA and place it on your web page and expect great results.  The CTA should be relevant to the main element of a business.  For example:

  • If you are selling something on your webpage be sure to use actions words such as “Buy Now” “Check Out” or “Order”
  • If you want your users to sign up for a newsletter or e-mail list use words such as “Download Here,” or “Subscribe”
  • If you want to gather someone’s demographic information or you want users to request more information, use words such as “Fill Out Form” or “Request Information”

Above, is just one of many examples on how to create strong and effective CTA’s, below you can find more tips and tricks on how to get the most out of your Call to Action buttons.

  1. Keep it Simple- Be sure you are using a max of 5 words in your CTA. If it gets too complex or there are several hoops the user has to go through they are more than likely going to abandon the task.
  2. Make it Obvious- Make your CTA stick out on the webpage. CTA’s should be strategically placed near the content that tells the user the benefits of completing the action. Title-Subtitle-body(content)-CTA-End of page.
  3. Make it Valuable- Both parties should be receiving benefits.  If you are simply trying to gather consumer demographics and the user is not benefiting from that, they are probably going to skip right over filling out a form or completing an action.
  4. Take advantage of FOMO- FOMO stands for Fear of Missing Out. If people feel like they are going to miss an opportunity that won’t come around again, they are more likely to seize the opportunity in the moment and complete an action to receive those benefits. “ Today only 10% off purchase”
  5. Be Device Conscious- Sizing, color, text varies across devices. Example, if mobile is being used, be sure to alter the color, size and text so that it stands out and the button is easy to press with fingers. Computer and tablets can be treated the same, but the same goes to adjust the color, size and text for those devices as well.

As stated previously, when good Call to Action buttons are used strategically it can really help boost your overall conversion rate. If you have any questions or would like help creating your own strategic CTA’s our Stellar Blue Team can help! Contact Us Today.

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