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The Time is Now: Make Mobile Your Focal Point

posted on October 12, 2016
Development Marketing

Take a second and think about your mobile device, if you’re not on it already. Can you guess just how many apps you currently have on your phone?


The businesses creating these apps are on the RIGHT track.

The reality is, most companies put a significant amount of stock into their inbound marketing strategy plan. A point of emphasis in such a plan requires making a website more ‘mobile-friendly’ and even going so far as to create a mobile app for their business.

If you are not quite up to speed on this trend, you will want to consider picking up the pace! Here are just a few reasons why you should be focusing on launching a mobile app for your business now more than ever.

Mobile popularity is through the roof
In any corner of the business world, it’s best that you know your statistics. And even if you don’t want to put stock into too many statistics, simply look around or ask your colleagues. Mobile technology reliance has never been more of reality than it is today. Follow any trend you desire, but there is no denying statistical evidence. People are only engaging via desktop at a mere 32%. Can you guess where the other 68% comes from? That’s right; mobile devices and 50% of that is in apps. The trend is real.

A mobile app means more leadsa-mobile-app-means-more-leads
If your goal is to bring in more leads (and who wouldn’t want more leads) then getting serious about constructing a stable mobile app for your business is the way to go. Creating a mobile app closes the gap between potential consumers and the company, ultimately leading to an increase in leads.

Releasing a mobile app allows companies to learn a lot about their users. They can track trends, locations and time frames of the app. This will help companies cater their marketing campaigns to those potential leads. For the user, having access to a mobile helps them build a trust in the company. Accessibility is key and the more users can be exposed to your content, promotions and calls to action, the more the user finds your company credible.

The payoff is worth it in the end
Put yourself in the shoes of the potential. Yes, it can be difficult to get them to subscribe to a website or stay on the mobile app for more than ten minutes at a time, but that is the beauty of the mobile app. It’s just that much easier. Think about mobile apps that allow you to order takeout pizza, book a last minute hotel or do online banking. Mobile apps save us the stress and frustration of not having easy access and the user will be grateful for that. You were, weren’t you?

Make everything you do relevant
Be sure to construct your mobile app to be purposeful. Meet the demands of a specific service and be reliable. If you’re in the business of home appliances, make sure that if someone needs to purchase a last-minute toaster for their cousin’s wedding you are the first app that comes to their mind. Take advantage of mobile convenience and see your business brand begin to gain popularity.

Mobile apps have been popular for some time but as far as businesses go, it couldn’t be a better time to be. For your own sake, consider jumping on board the mobile app express and ride it all the way to having a large client base and dollar signs. If you’re looking for help coming up with a plan for your mobile app, contact us today.

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