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Excelion’s Custom Website Brings Consumers into the Future

posted on September 28, 2016
Stellar Launches


Stellar Blue is proud to announce the launch of a new custom website for Excelion Partners, LLC! Excelion is custom technology consulting business based out of Neenah, Wis. This is the first custom website Stellar Blue has created for Excelion.

As visitors enter the website, they are met with a sleek custom design and an array of options to choose from. In the top right corner, users will notice a pair of icons with one linking to a contact page and the other to an extensive navigation bar for users to easily find the information they desire. In the middle of the homepage, visitors will notice a ‘Learn More’ button linking them to a page on the history and mission of Excelion. Moving down the page, users will then see another navigation bar with a multitude of links to pages on Excelion’s custom solutions they offer. As users continue to move down the homepage, they will then find another information section on what Excelion is and their company vision. Below that, users will have the opportunity to investigate the Vault where Excelion’s past projects and accomplishments are on display. Finally, the homepage carries a blog section where visitors can learn about current events and general information on the industry Excelion is a part of.

“Being part of an industry that has become a backbone of the current business world, we thought Excelion would benefit from having a sophisticated website,” says Technical Director Dustin White. “Our goal was to have a perfect balance of extensive information and simple navigation and I think we accomplished that.”

The custom design comes with a number of features that make the website accessible and aesthetically pleasing. Armed with homepage animations and sleek design, the website passes the initial eye test. The website also comes built with a WordPress integration which allows for fast and easy updating of content. Another important feature to note is the blog integration which can be updated at any time and gives users an opportunity to become well-informed on the industry. Excelion’s website is a perfect example of how consumers and businesses alike are in a partnership as we venture into a new era of technology.

Visit the new website here:

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2. What attracted you to want to work at Stellar Blue?

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