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Disaster Averted: Three Dangers of Digital Marketing and How to Avoid Them

posted on September 21, 2016

A major digital marketing faux pas can happen on any given day to any given marketer. They can be a result of small mistakes over a long period of time or can stealthily hit you when you least expect it. Miscalculating your marketing campaign can be extremely detrimental to your company’s brand image.3

Let’s face it, trends in digital marketing change faster than your Twitter feed can update. When you are attempting to keep up with the latest and greatest marketing movement, you can leave yourself exposed to error crashing in and leaving a trail of disaster. Staying on top of can’t-won’t-shouldn’t forget steps like fact-checking, finding your target audience, proper placement for ads and basic grammar and punctuation guidelines can be difficult. For your benefit, Stellar Blue has taken the liberty of pointing out some of these catastrophic marketing missteps so you can be alert and ready for anything.

Potential Danger #1: Trying to talk too much
It’s common for companies to give themselves such a large starting workload that they can’t quite gain any ground. This happens more often when social media strategies are just beginning. Of course we want to build our brand and generate as much business as possible but like the saying goes, “Rome wasn’t built in a day.” Instead, be patient and consider a few things. First, find your target audience. Once you have done that, it becomes easier to create content that is genuine and directed towards the client base you wish to acquire. Also, doing your research on social platform specifics. What age group uses which outlet most? Do men or women use it more? Know your demographics, take your time and don’t make manageable, conceivable goals. This can either portray you as a leader in the making or a hack in the waiting.

Potential Danger #2: Believing the ‘old ways’ are the ‘only ways.’
Yes, change can be viewed as this great, big scary monster that is attempting to tear apart everything you have built and worked for.

Well, sometimes that ‘monster’ is the only thing that is going to get your business to grow.

Change is necessary and as long you want to be successful or even relevant, change is something to embrace. What may have worked five years, two years, heck even two months ago may have already been revisited, reinvented and promptly updated. The point is, don’t let the fact that digital environments are changing keep you from being your best you. Technological advances are made to enhance the life of humans. To stay ahead of the curve go to seminars; sign up for workshops; learn about all of the new and exciting things because you never know what might click, stick and send you right back to the top.

Potential Danger #3: Forgetting that you have a dependent
In business, you can never forget that the customer comes first. If the bold-underlined-italicized doesn’t get the point across then listen up. If any of this is going to stick, let it be that you should never forget the needs of the customer. It’s difficult to come to terms with the fact that a number of issues that plague business owners is not communicating properly with the customer. Before anything can be accomplished, it is crucial to determine the need of the customer and fulfill that need.

Since 2016 has been such a big year for digital marketing with all the advances, updates and algorithms, businesses have never felt more pressure to deliver top-quality website usability and customer service. And because customers are becoming more educated, that quality is only going to become more demanding as we move forward. So what we recommend is listen to your customers and make sure your web designs, marketing strategies and sales packages are what your customer is looking for.

Staying relevant is a primary goal for digital marketers if they wish to keep operating a successful business. Staying motivated, patient and open to change are ways to accomplish that goal. Don’t let yourself fall behind and in the dust as the digital marketing world passes you by. If you’re looking to revisit your digital marketing campaign, contact Stellar Blue and let us help you keep up with the times.

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