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Website Analytics: Why Tracking Your Website Performance is a Must!

posted on August 31, 2016
Stellar Analytics

ANALYTICS BLOGAnalytics. People hate to love them as much as people love to hate them. Regardless of how you may feel about analytics, the bottom line is that they are important. Tracking key performance indicators keep you on top of the performance of your marketing campaigns. If you are one of the few people that have yet to accept analytics into your marketing strategy, it is time to step out of the digital dark ages and dive into analytics!


Awesome Analytics
Analytics can seem to be initially overwhelming, especially if you are not so much of a “numbers person.” But if that is the case, the healthy amount of different graphics and images in analytics helps keep newbies intrigued and wanting to learn more. Our advice is to stay patient with the process because once you get ahold of analytics, being able to visualize your data can increase the originality of your marketing campaign! We should point out, even when a marketing campaign fails (because some are bound to) it is key to stay positive and be motivated to improve your efforts for the next campaign!

The Impact
With analytics, you can see and measure almost anything on your website. How many people visited your page in the last week? The last month? What is your six-month trend on a contact page? All of these and so much more are able to be measured with analytics. Even seeing who is making product purchases or reading a classic blog of yours can be quantified. Being able to understand and utilize the metrics you find through analytics will help you prioritize your marketing initiatives and ultimately help you figure out your big picture! Think of analytics as more than just a set of numbers.

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Easy on Your Wallet
Paying for premium analytics is helpful in terms of long-term cost savings. If your campaigns are failing, you can analyze your data to see what is working and what is not working. Tracking an open rate or how many direct entries you are getting will help determine the strengths and weaknesses of your website and allow to act accordingly moving forward. Utilizing your analytics is beneficial to growing your brand for the future and saves you the finances of having to continuously build marketing campaigns that aren’t working.

Having a quality analytics report is an important pillar of which to build on for a successful marketing campaign. If you are tracking the right attributes of analytics, it is easy to conclude what areas of improvement or focus you should have when you are revisiting your digital marketing strategy. Stellar Blue offers a number of analytics packages, jump over to our analytics page or contact us to see why we are the right choice for you!

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