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Staying Connected to Nature has Never Been So Easy

posted on June 15, 2016
Stellar Launches

Gordon Bubolz Nature Preserve

Stellar Blue is proud to announce that Gordon Bubolz Nature Preserve is up and running with their brand new website! Based out of Appleton, Wis., Gordon Bubolz Nature Preserve sets out to educate people on how to safely care for the environment and have a greater appreciation for nature. Stellar Blue is the website partner for the preserve’s annual event, SURVIVOR but this is the first website completed for the preserve. Stellar Blue was chosen after a formal request for proposal (RFP) process.

The new website’s homepage greets visitors with a detailed navigation bar at the very top with drop-down options to allow for simple website exploration. The rest of the homepage carries a state-of-art design with silhouettes of trees and foliage separating the sections of the homepage into three sections: facts about the preserve at the top, ways to get involved and recent news regarding the preserve at the bottom. As an added convenience, upon entering the website, there is an announcement pop-up window that provides information on trail conditions and other relevant breaking information regarding the preserve. The new website is built to be an easily navigable tool for people wanting to utilize the resources the reserve has to offer.

“Being tasked to create a website that demonstrates all that the preserve does, was a challenge we willingly accepted,” said Technical Director Dustin White. “Not only is the site built on a platform they can grow with, we have partnered with them for continued and well-rounded support.”

The goal of the website is to help communicate all the activities and possibilities that the preserve provides outside of educational programming. The website features a responsive design meaning it can be viewed on any screen size, including mobile devices. The website also features a WordPress integration which provides simple and quick content updates to the pages. Along with these features, the website also has a custom design, calendar integration, blog integration, photo gallery integration and a sponsor logo marquee. With the extensive navigation bar and multiple interactive options, viewers can easily find any information regarding the preserve they wish to know. Becoming a part of the Gordon Bubolz Nature Preserve is only a click away.

Visit the website here:

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