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A New Website has Blossomed for Green Bay Botanical Gardens

posted on June 17, 2016
Stellar Launches

2016-06-17 (6)

Stellar Blue is excited to announce that Green Bay Botanical Gardens (GBBG) is up and running with a new custom website! GBBG is a community supported nonprofit that connects people with horticulture in an engaging environment. This is Stellar Blue’s first project with GBBG.

Upon first entering the website, visitors are greeted with an array of soft palate colors and a navigation bar at the top with four subheadings regarding information on GBBG; how to get involved, educational materials and how to donate to the nonprofit. As viewers scroll down the homepage, there are met with an interactive bar where they may submit information in order to be placed on an emailing list to receive updates on GBBG. From there the homepage details upcoming events followed by seasonal highlights. At the bottom of the homepage, viewers can learn more about the history and mission of GBBG.

“It’s great working with the Green Bay Botanical Garden,” said Technical Director Dustin White. “The gardens are a gem of Green Bay and to provide them with an easy-to-update communication tool is a rewarding opportunity.”

GBBG initially sought a website provider that can accommodate their backend database needs. They wanted to take the opportunity to refresh the look and attitude of their website to be more targeted in their marketing and educational programming. The website comes with a multitude of features that include custom design, calendar integration, blog integration, photo gallery integration, WordPress, responsive and a sponsor logo marquee. The website ushers in the new look and attitude of GBBG as they mobile device friendly due to the responsive web design feature. With the ability to easily navigate through the new website layout, exploring what GBBG is and has to offer has never been easier.

You can visit the new website here:

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