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How Can Voice Searching Benefit Your Social Media Marketing Strategies?

posted on May 12, 2016
Marketing Social Media

How Can Voice Searching Benefit Your Social Media Strategies?In 2011, Apple brought forth a game changer in the form of our favorite cellular passenger, Siri. Since the introduction of Siri, we have also been exposed to a number of other voice search helpers such as Google Voice, Microsoft Cortana and Amazon Echo Alexis. With all of  these voice search options becoming prominent internet search methods, the marketing industry is not too far from a seismic shift in how business market themselves on social media and websites.

What voice search does is give users hands free searching while also being able to say what they are searching for much faster than users can type it. In a world of evolving technology, anything that satisfies the need for instant gratification quickly becomes the more attractive option. Voice search utilizes natural language and with natural language more users are prone to asking an increased number of questions.

So, what can marketers do to take advantage of this new and exciting trend? Here are a couple things that can be done:

-Research the most common questions asked by your target demographic. Consider adding a Q&A section on your website.
-Be the voice search! Use voice search when investigating these common questions and analyze how the answers are written.
-Go directly at the “who,” “what,” “where” and “how.” Create material for internet users that directly answers the questions
-Think about using local voice search. Using geo-location, make sure people within your area can find you by listing your business on multiple geo-location sites.

Adjusting your business to be more accommodating  to voice search lets you think outside the box as a customer rather than strictly a marketer. Being able to accept the more detailed searches people are using today can give your business an edge moving into the future. Although the trend is relatively new, strategizing properly and being ready for the shift could give you an early advantage over your competitors.

As a premier marketing agency in the Fox Valley, Stellar Blue makes a consistent effort to keep up with new marketing trends. Visit the website or contact us today to see what Stellar Blue can do for you! 

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