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Get Your Cameras Ready: Instagram Had a Makeover

posted on May 18, 2016
Social Media

Instagram BlogOn May 11th, Instagram released a new look for their application. The look was inspired by the previous application icon, with the biggest change being in color. The previous application featured a rainbow color scheme which is now a sunset gradient. The new icon still features a camera, but in a more simple form. Boomerang, Layout and Hyperlapse were also changed to fit the new color scheme.

The company’s official statement about the update reads, “the Instagram community has evolved over the past five years from a place to share filtered photos to so much more- – a global community of interests sharing more than 80 million photos and videos every day. Our updated look reflects how vibrant and diverse your storytelling has become.”

Screen Shot 2016-05-18 at 10.04.55 AMThe outside appearance of the application isn’t the only thing that changed, Instagram made some tweaks to the inside as well. Instagram has transitioned to a flatter design and has removed most colors. For example, instead of notifications appearing in orange, they are now red and fonts are black. Instagram also removed the blue navigation bar, basically eliminating all color inside the application other than color from the photos that are posted. According to Instagram, the purpose is to, “put more focus on your photos and videos without changing how you navigate the app.”

Screen Shot 2016-05-18 at 10.06.55 AMScreen Shot 2016-05-18 at 10.07.08 AM Screen Shot 2016-05-18 at 10.08.22 AM

Although there have been a handful of changes to the appearance of the application, there have not been major changes to functionality or the way users navigate through Instagram. Focusing even more on the photos being shared will make scrolling through Instagram even more visually appealing.

With the number of people active on this social platform, it’s an important place for businesses to have a presence. Instagram offers a great outlet to give a behind-the-scenes inside look to customers and fans. People prefer digesting information through images and video.

If you are looking to learn more about creating or improving your presence on Instagram, contact the team today!

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