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4 Stellar Analytics Features to Get the Most Out of Your Marketing

posted on May 4, 2016
Stellar Analytics

Stellar Analytics FeaturesWhen you focus on marketing, it’s important to know how effective your efforts are. You could be sharing content out to social media often, but maybe you get the most traffic to your website when your posts contain links or you only get good engagement when you’re sharing images or videos. If you want to measure your marketing efforts, you should consider Stellar Analytics. In case you’re on the fence about it, here are four Stellar Analytics features you might not know about.

Visits by Day of the Week
On the main dashboard screen when you log into Stellar Analytics, you have the ability to move elements exactly where you want them to best fit your needs. However, if you leave the widgets where they are, you will see a colored pie chart that breaks down your visits by day of the week. When you hover over each day, you’re given the percentage of visitors to the site that day.

Referring Websites
This area is important when you want to know where you’re getting the most traffic from. Maybe most visitors are coming to the website right after an engaging post is published on your Facebook page. If traffic is down from a certain referring site, you can adjust the content you post to increase engagement and traffic simultaneously.

Visitor Location
Are you curious where most of your traffic is coming from? We break it down by country, region and city so it’s easy to see exactly how long visitor from specific locations are on your website, how many actions they are performing on action the bounce rate and more.

Ecommerce Log
With Stellar Analytics, you have the ability to see the number of online sales on your site as well as specifics such as time it took for someone to complete a purchase, where they are purchasing from and all of the actions completed while they were on your site.

To learn more about Stellar Analytics, contact the team at Stellar Blue today!

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