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New Ways to Utilize Video on Facebook and Instagram

posted on April 13, 2016
Social Media

New Ways to Utilize Video on Facebook and Instagram copyOnline videos have been extremely popular as a means for people to digest information and for entertainment purposes. It is important for businesses to utilize videos in their internet marketing and there are a few different video options to try on two popular social media platforms, Facebook and Instagram.

Facebook allows users to upload a profile video as their profile pictures now. When clicking on your profile picture, there is an option to upload a new profile video. Then by hitting record, users have seven seconds to capture a video with sound. Once the video is recorded, it will play on a loop without sound on your profile. Clicking on the video will play the sound. The Facebook profile video feature is just another way to creatively engage with an audience.

According to the Instagram blog, longer video on Instagram is coming soon. Instagram is going to be making a major update to their videos. Before, 15 seconds videos could be uploaded to a user’s profile but the social platform is going to allow users to upload videos that can be as long as 60 seconds. To make sure the videos you post are effective in engaging with your audience, it’s important to keep a few things in mind:

Consistency is key. This is important in posting on a consistent basis as well as making sure content is all related to the same goal that the business has. If content is too random, it’s difficult for people to make a connection. If your audience expects content from you daily and you miss a few days, your audience will notice.

Behind the scenes content is interesting. People love to see what goes on behind the scenes at their favorite places. Even if it’s a simple video showing a food item being created or a video of someone doing inventory at a store, it gives the audience an inside look and a perspective of the business that they normally would not see.

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