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How Will The New Instagram Update Affect Your Business?

posted on March 31, 2016
Marketing Social Media

InstaInstagram just released a new update that is completely algorithm based. Instagram claims that the new algorithm will shift the content in your feed “based on the likelihood you’ll be interested in the content, your relationship with the person posting, and the timeliness of the post.” This is a world difference from the previous Instagram feed which was chronological.

Why is there a new Instagram update?

The main reason Instagram decided to make this update was to reduce clutter in news feeds. Instagram stated in their announcement that people miss about 70 percent of the content on their feed. With the update, Instagram is trying to ensure that its users have a more pleasant experience, see content they are likely to engage with, and actively use the platform.

What does the new Instagram update mean for your business?
Many businesses are concerned about this Instagram update. When Facebook changed their newsfeed algorithm, organic reach for businesses declined. Businesses were then forced to use sponsored content to increase their exposure to their audience. This Facebook update hurt small businesses who did not have the budget to compete with larger companies.

However, history doesn’t have to repeat itself. The update means that businesses must focus on giving quality content to consumers. Businesses who are already receiving likes and comments organically are going to continue this type of communication and reach, and possibly increase their exposure. However, if your business isn’t getting any response on posts, the new update will most likely cause a decrease in engagement. Regardless of your business’ current exposure on Instagram, there are effective ways to make the new update work for you.

How can you business benefit from the new Instagram update?
The new update puts a huge emphasis on your engagement with users. This means that the content you put out there needs to be high quality and engagement worthy. To do this you are going to need to know what your audience likes and dislikes. Figure out which posts get the most engagement and use those types photos and videos in future posts.

Having calls-to-action (CTA) is also another great way to get your consumers to engage in your posts. These CTAs can be things to entice your audience to leave comments, like, and share your posts. When consumers do leave comments, try to respond to every comment. The constant involvement will make your consumers feel special, and keep them coming back for more.

Another extremely important concept to keep in mind is the use of hashtags. Creating a good hashtag strategy can mean a world of difference when it comes to getting a better reach on your posts. Even with the new Instagram update, using a hashtag will get your posts found in searches and in front of new people.

The Takeaway…
Although Instagram has the new algorithm update, there is no reason to fret about it affecting your business. Having boring pictures, dull captions, bad or no hashtags, and little to no engagement with consumers will have a negative effect on any business presence on the platform. Creating a good social media strategy when using Instagram is key to getting the most out of the Instagram update.

For more information about how to create an effective social media strategy, contact the Stellar Team today!

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