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How Stellar Analytics Can Improve Your Marketing Game

posted on March 10, 2016
Marketing Stellar Analytics

Stellar AnalyticsIt’s important to find ways to improve your marketing strategy, but how can you tell if your efforts are working? Using an analytics platform can be incredibly beneficial, especially because our attention spans have decreased to below the level of a goldfish, statistically speaking! Analytics allows you to see things such as who is visiting your site, how many people visit and how long people stay.

If you are going to implement a new social media strategy that brings people back to your main site, analytics will play a huge role in determining if your ideas are successful. Analytics will tell you how many times someone was directed to your website, and more importantly, how long they stayed on your site. Like in any game, whether basketball or marketing, there is always room for improvement, and Stellar Analytics will help you get there.

What Makes Stellar Analytics the Best in the League?
Event Tracking
What’s your bounce rate? If you plan on creating a special call-to-action (CTA), such as a “click here” or “read more” button, using event tracking, you can track how many people clicked that button. You can see everything from if a visitor starts to fill out a form to if that visitor downloads content from your site.

Campaign URLs
The Campaign URL feature within Stellar Analytics allows you to track how certain links drive traffic back to your website based on the distribution channels that link was shared to.  For example, you could share one blog article to multiple channels including Facebook, LinkedIn and even your email contact lists. The Campaign URL feature allows you to add special attributes to one link so you can better track how one link traveled across multiple distribution channels.

Visitor Log
The Visitor Log within Stellar Analytics allows you to view in real-time as people visit your website. You can view detailed information about each visitor down to their location, browser, device, etc. You can also view exactly how individual users came to your site, what actions they take, what pages they view and in what order.

Privacy: Your data will not be shared with other advertisers as it would if you used Google Analytics.

Support: Stellar’s team of marketing strategists will be with you every step of the way.

Clean Data: We have the ability to exclude certain IP addresses from being tracked.

Cost: Our affordable platform starts at only $19/month.

To learn more about Stellar Analytics, contact the team at Stellar Blue today!

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