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How an Efficient CTA can Boost Your Analytics Results

posted on January 14, 2016
Stellar Analytics

What is a CTAHow an Awesome CTA Can-3?
A CTA, or Call to Action, is an important concept for any successful marketing campaign. It is an instruction to the audience to provoke an immediate response, usually using a statement with an action verb such as, “Call now” or “Click here to learn more.” These CTA’s are usually buttons or might be a form or a social media share widget. It is an appeal to users, initiating a response. Any successful, intriguing, well placed and targeted CTA will result in more traffic back to your website, which means more data to analyze!

How to Boost Conversions
Since a CTA is meant to encourage your users to click on a link or fill out a form, it is important that it is appealing, engaging, and persuasive. The CTA is typically at the bottom of an article, or any other strategic location on the site. You don’t necessarily have to stick to one Call to Action, but do not post too many diverse or contradicting CTA’s, because it will decrease the likelihood that the user will click the link.  

Screen Shot 2016-01-12 at 10.39.26 AM

Like anything on your site, the CTA should be visually appealing and recognizable. Stick to common words and phrases that are clear and concise, because people like to stick with things they already know. Also, make sure it is easy to find and stands out on your site. The more clicks and actions visitors are performing on your site, the more data you will have to analyze and ultimately act upon.

Are you interested in learning how your CTA’s are performing, or how you can improve them? Contact the team at Stellar Blue and let us show you how Stellar Analytics can help improve not only your CTA’s but the overall performance of your entire website.

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